‘Ask Me Anything’ recap – Dec. 21, 2021 By: National Association of Tax Professionals
January 11, 2022

Each month, NATP and Tax Rep Network team up for a Facebook Live broadcast event where Tax Rep Network’s founder Eric Green answers questions live about an increasingly important topic, IRS representation.

As thousands of IRS employees begin to enforce tax rules and regulations this year, taxpayers may see an uptick in IRS correspondence. The next step is often for the taxpayer to take the information to their trusted tax professional, which means preparers will also be dealing with increased IRS correspondence.

While knowledge of IRS representation is not a required skillset for a tax professional to prepare a return, it can bring value to a tax practice. For example, the tax preparer can serve a wider range of clients and may even see an increase in revenue.

‘Ask Me Anything’ is a Facebook Live broadcast event hosted every third Tuesday of the month on NATP’s Facebook page. Eric Green, Esq., founder of Tax Rep Network, joins NATP to discuss a wide variety of representation issues including the IRS collections process, helping non-filers, criminal issues, payroll tax, debt resolutions, offers in compromise, installment agreements, appeals processes, innocent spouses and more. Green even takes impromptu questions about specific client situations live during the discussion.

Tax Rep Network is a membership-based organization for CPAs, EAs, attorneys and tax professionals who want to build their tax representation practices. Members learn how to represent and support the 25 million taxpayers who owe the IRS money or are behind in their filings. NATP members receive a discount on TRN membership.

The next Ask Me Anything broadcast is Jan. 18, 2022, at 2 p.m. CT. To submit representation questions, tax professionals can email content@natptax.com or send a message to NATP on any of the association’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Here’s a replay of the full December broadcast:

Questions from this broadcast include:

  1. My client received a summons for his bank statements and the bank signature card from a revenue officer. Do you think this is a criminal investigation, and do we need an attorney?

  2. The IRS reviewed our offer and is claiming they will not allow the taxes we claimed because he has not been paying them. But in your training at TaxCon, you told us they did allow it. Can you explain?

  3. My client missed their tax court deadline and now has a threat to levy. What can we do about it?

  4. I want to sign up for the NATP – TRN deal. If I do, can I get one of the t-shirts with you on it?

  5. Eric, you said on the webinar yesterday that trust fund assessments will start again Jan. 3, 2022. Has the IRS actually announced that?

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